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Please visit the results page for the 2014 HPCC Results.



Please visit the photos tab to see the actions from the 2014 HPCC.

Heidts Performance Car Challenge Event

"Late Breaking News" for our autocross school:

Heidts Performance Challenge 2014 Breaking News: Heidts is pleased to announce this year's Jet-Hot Driving School will be taught by renowned driving instructor Mike "Junior" Johnson. Mike is a veteran in our sport with a wealth of knowledge and experience behind the wheel.

For further info on Mike and his world-class team check out the Evolution Performance Driving School @ http://evoschool.com./

Check out our video from prior events.

2014 Event Schedule (Events are subject to change)


Friday May 30, 2014

Participants will be treated to a Heidts Performance Group facility tour and a barbecue. There will event registration staff on hand to get all of the required documents signed prior to race day. After event registration, the Road Rally begins. Participants will take a scenic drive from Heidts to the Holiday Inn in Joliet, Illinois. Bench racing and spending time with friends will conclude the schedule for Friday.

Saturday May 31, 2014

Saturday morning the racing action kicks into full swing at Autobahn Country Club.
The Heidts Road Course portion of the event takes place on the North course. This course is a 1.46-mile, 9 turn, adrenaline factory. A full day on the road course assures everyone plenty of track time.

The Autocross will allow drivers to test their skills against the clock and the challenge, cone designated course. Key to this event is a driver school that drivers can attend if they are one of the first 20 to sign up for the Heidts Performance Car Challenge. Autocross racers are opt in for this school which will be conducted by professional race drivers. There is no extra charge for this instruction which will help both beginner and novice racers get the most from this great opportunity.

Speed Stop Squared Challenge, sponsored by Wilwood is an exciting event, as drivers test the limits of acceleration, braking and driver skills all at the same time! Mirror image courses pit racers head-to-head as they accelerate in a short drag racing before heading back towards the start through the slalom course to stop in a designated "stop box." Hit a cone and the time penalty could be severe.

The Heidts Performance Car Challenge will also include a Car Show showcasing some of the most beautiful automotive craftsmanship on the planet. Awards will be given to the winner of each class, and our team of judges will select the Best of Show along with an Editors Choice class as determine by the editorial staff of the magazine. The entry fee is only $25 and includes three parade laps around the track just to show off.

Sunday June 1, 2014

Autocross, Speed Stop Squared and racing on the Autobahn South course continue all day. No autocross school or car show today.

$175 for either Saturday or Sunday (one day only)
$350 for the weekend
$25 for the Car Show

Heidts Performance Car Challenge

Host Event Hotel Information

The official hotel for the Heidts Performance Car Challenge is:

Holiday Inn Joliet Banquet & Conference Center
411 South Larkin Avenue
Joliet, Illinois 60436
Phone: 815-729-2000 x 270
Fax: 815-730-0470

Event Rate is $99 room - PLEASE USE EVENT CODE - HEI


NEWS RELEASE Media Contact:

Mike Ruth
Heidts Automotive

Rosalie Wisniewski
847-487-0150 x 3050


Heidts Performance Driving Experience - Midwest, May 31 - June 1 at the Autobahn Country Club located in Joliet, IL. The three-day event will provide enthusiast drivers the opportunity to hone their driving skills in the following elements:

Road Course
Speed Stop Squared

The event will be open to domestic performance vehicles of all years. The Experience will start Friday at Heidts Hot Rod & Muscle Car Parts headquarters, offering participants time to meet and socialize, followed by a 50 mile cruise to the host hotel in Joliet, IL.

On Saturday the road course element will be run on the Autobahn Country Club North Track. The 1.46-mile track is technical but forgiving and will challenge all levels of drivers from novice to experienced.


On Sunday, the road course element will be run on the Autobahn Country Club South Track and drivers will tackle one of the most unique autocross courses ever dreamed - slaloms, rotundas and other features will test set-up and driving skills. Simultaneously, the acceleration/braking challenge will be run on the front straight, demonstrating not only the vehicle's braking prowess, but the driver's abilities and skills as well.

This is a premium driving experience that you don't want to miss. More details and sign-up information to follow - mark your calendars now!


Schedule of Events

The Heidts Performance Car Challenge is a five-element event open to all domestic vehicles. The event will be run on May 30th - June 1st, 2014 at Heidts Hot Rods and Muscle Car Parts and one of the Midwest's premier road courses, Autobahn Country Club, in Joliet, IL. The three elements include road course, autocross, and speed stop squared. In addition to the driving events there will also be a car show May 31st.


Heidts Performance Car Challenge

Official Rules

1) Qualifying vehicles must be four-wheeled government licensed, registered and insured domestic street vehicles. No purpose built racecars will be allowed to compete. This event is designed to be a fun and spirited competition to showcase street driven performance vehicles.

2) All drivers and passengers must sign a liability waiver. Passengers must be at least 18 years of age, identified and registered before the competition begins and only one passenger may be in the vehicle during the event.

3) A mandatory driver/passenger meeting will be held prior to the first competition.

4) Only official wrist banded drivers and passengers may ride in the cars on the course.

5) All competitors must have current registration, proof of insurance, and a current driver's license.

6) Participating cars must pass a technical inspection that will emphasize safety. Safety features such as racing specific harnesses, roll cages/bars, fire systems, etc, are acceptable and strongly recommended. All of the following will be required:
    a) Functional headlights
    b) Functional taillights
    c) Functional brake lights
    d) Functional turn signals 
    e) Safety-glass or Lexan windshield

7) On board fire extinguisher A 2.5 lb. minimum, automotive BC fire extinguisher, with a secure quick-release mounting bracket made of metal. The mounting bracket must be securely mounted to the vehicle or cage, zip ties will not be allowed. The extinguisher must be within easy reach of the driver.

8) Helmet use is required during all segments of the competition. Helmet must be approved automotive style with a Snell foundation sticker of SA 2005 or later. Motorcycle helmets will not be approved.

9) All convertibles or roadsters must have rollover protection.

10) During the event, passengers will not be allowed in any open top or convertible vehicle under any circumstances while in competition.

11) Non-synthetic clothing (cotton, wool, leather, etc.) covering the torso, arms and legs shall be required (no shorts or short sleeves). The use of racing fire protection gear is highly recommended.

12) Cost to enter the experience is $175 per day or $350 for the weekend. Entry includes one (1) vehicle, two (2) individuals, two (2) Friday BBQ tickets, two (2) Friday and Saturday reception tickets and one (1) T-shirt. The event will be limited to the first 110 registrations, after which a waiting list will be established.

13) Show-n-shine only entry fee is $25 per car and includes one (1) T-shirt and one (1) commemorative plaque.

14) Each vehicle is limited to one entry, with one number and one driver; no sharing of vehicles will be permitted.

15) This event will consist of four elements:
    a) Autocross 
    b) Speed Stop Squared
    c) Road course Saturday North track (1.46 miles)
Road course Sunday South track (2.1 miles)

16) No competitive professional drivers will be allowed to compete for awards.

17) Each entrant will be issued a decal package that will include car numbers that must be clearly visible on both doors. Decal package must be applied per specifications.

18) TIRES - Participants must use DOT approved, non-competition, treaded (non-grooved) street tires (no competition radials, no R compound, drag radials or shaved tread) with a manufacturers tread wear rating of 200 or greater. Tires will be required to pass a technical inspection at the track. The spirit of the event requires the use of a DOT approved non competition tire any modifications to tires will be unacceptable. The race director and technical inspector reserves the right to exclude any tire that does not appear to be a legitimate street tire regardless of tread wear rating. Any vehicle with tires showing any evidence of modification will be immediately disqualified from the event. Participants not using proper tires may be allowed to run but will not receive times and cannot compete for awards.

19) Competitors must use a single set of tires for the entire event, no tire changing between events will be allowed. Tires will be marked during tech. Tire changes will be allowed in the event of a catastrophic failure, but replacements must be of the same size, manufacturer and model as those approved during tech inspection.

20) Any participant or participants vehicle that does a burnout or any other reckless conduct at any time during the event will be disqualified.

21) Race director and event management staff will have COMPLETE discretion to deny or remove from competition anyone in the event for any reason.

22) Rules interpretation will be at the sole discretion of the Race Director and/or event organizers. Rules may be changed or amended as necessary at organizers discretion

Thanks to everyone who attended the HPCC 2014.  Registration is now closed.  Results will be published soon.

Heidts Performance Car Challenge 2014 Results

Pos No. Name Class Overall BestTm In Session 2nd Overall Time 2nd Session
1 23 Eric Eismueller Group 2 1:10.210 Session 4 1:10.491 Session 5
2 6 West Bend Dyno Group 1 1:10.978 session 4 1:11.036 Session 4
3 65 Jamie Gleitsman Group 3 1:11.256 Session 5 1:11.640 Session 5
4 19 Ryan Niver Group 1 1:11.297 session 4 1:11.696 Session 4
5 3 Randy Johnson Orange Group 1 1:12.091 session 2 1:12.404 Session 4
6 2 Randy Johnson Green Group 1 1:12.717 session 3 1:13.165 Session 3
7 58 Jeff Schwartz Group 3 1:12.851 Session 1 1:13.229 Session 2
8 48 Damion Campbell Group 3 1:12.917 Session 3 1:13.251 session 3
9 13 Richard Gregory Group 1 1:13.358 sesslon 4 1:13.567 Session 4
10 1 Heidts Group 1 1:13.610 Session 3 1:13.815 Session 3
11 50 Tom Farrington Group 3 1:13.971 session 5 1:14.066 Session 5
12 11 Danny King Group 1 1:14.429 session 5 1:14.620 Session 5
13 43 Eric Wracker Group 3 1:14.529 Session 4 1:15.016 Session 3
14 42 Scott Wise All 1:15.549 session 4 1:15.630 Session 2
15 34 Larry Woo Group 2 1:15.614 Session 1 1:17.317 Session 3
16 54 Robert Bertelsen Group 3 1:16.682 session 1 1:16.914 session 1
17 64 Nick Bimbi Group 3 1:16.805 Session 3 1:17.060 Session 3
18 14 Mark Golovin Group 1 1:16.878 Session 4 1:17.103 Session 4
19 12 James Stehlin Group 1 1:17.142 Session 3 1:18.277 Session 3
20 41 Ed Hazelwood Group 3 1:17.143 session 4 1:17.216 Session 4
21 62 Stefano Bimbi Group 3 1:17.280 Session 3 1:17.313 Session 3
22 7 Alex Miller Group 2 1:17.641 session 2 1:18.981 Session 2
23 37 Zachary Rogers Group 2 1:17.643 Session 4 1:18.587 Session 3
24 25 John Kundratl Group 2 1:17.821 session 3 1:18.131 Session 3
25 35 Willie Sonichsen Group 2 1:18.392 session 2 1:19.237 Session 2
26 53 Mark Gizzie Group 3 1:18.398 Session 4 1:18.489 Session 4
27 31 D.H. Jerome Group 2 1:19.046 session 3 1:19.473 Session 3
28 46 Chmlle Benoit All 1:19.382 session 4 1:19.479 Session 3
29 16 Gary Flentge Group 1 1:19.862 Session 3 1:19.961 Session 3
30 38 Steve Rivett Group 2 1:20.905 session 4 1:21.077 Session 4
31 32 Kevin Bird Group 2 1:22.156 session 2 1:22.204 Session 2
32 20 Lynda Jacobs Group 2 1:22.164 session 4 1:23.469 Session 4
33 33 Willam Knotek Group 2 1:22.860 Session 4 1:23.489 Session 4
34 5 Amy Dayton Group 1 1:23.027 Session 1 1:23.127 Session 3
35 22 Jackie Ragano Group 2 1:23.240 session 3 1:24.574 Session 3
36 61 Ken Fugiel Group 3 1:23.448 session 2 1:23.844 Session 2
37 18 Lionel Roy Group 1 1:25.184 Session 2 1:25.245 Session 2
38 9 Cory campbell Group l 1:29.624 session 3 Session 3
39 90 Gary Group 2 1:30.825 Session 3 1:33.321 Session 3

Heidts Speed Stop
POS No Name Overall Best Time
1 13 Richard Gregory 6.238
2 6 West Bend Dyna 6.252
3 50 Tom Farrington 6.494
4 19 Ryan Niver 6.509
5 2 Randy Johnson Green 6.606
6 48 Damion Campbell 6.674
7 58 Jeff Schwartz 6.748
8 54 Robert Bertelsen 6.757
9 16 Gary Flentge 6.767

Event Sponsors

Media Sponsors                                                                                                                                           Manufacturers Midway  

    Hot Rod Magazine

   Super Chevy Magazine

   Ledfoot News

Platinum Sponsors

   Nitto Tires

   WilWood Disc Brakes

    Jet-Hot High Performance Coatings

Associate Sponsors

    Forgeline Forged Alloy Wheels

Sponsorship or Manufacturer's Midway questions:

Mike Ruth

Rosalie Wisniewski
847-487-0150 x 3050

For complete set of rules and registration requirements, please call.


Previous Track Participants

Bill Herder - GTO
Bill Herder - 66 GTO
Karl Dunn - Camaro
Karl Dunn - 68 Camaro
Chris Jacobs
Chris Jacobs -66 Chevelle
Jim Nilsen
Jim Nilsen - 67 Camaro
Todd Longfellow
Todd Longfellow - 77 Camaro

Jason Wood

Richard Gregory - 69 Camaro

Thomas Cronkright - 70 Firebird

Heidts Vehicle - 71 Camaro

Randy Johnson - 71 Camaro

Williams Sonichsen

Scott Parkhurst

Mark Golovin - 2000 Camaro SS

Bret Voelkel - RideTech

Paul Mulligan - 2010 Challenger

Mary Pozzi - 1973 "Plain Jane" Camaro

James Shipka - 1967 Camaro

Mark Gizzie - 1999 Camaro SS

Jim Stehlin

Scott Maki - 1973 Camaro

Jeff Van Buren - Camaro

Daniel Long

Brent Jarvis - 1965 Corvette

John Orlow - 1970 Chevelle

Mark Stielow - Camaro

Schwartz Performance - 1965 Tempest

Greg Davidson - 2010 Camaro

Robert Mcgaffin

Ridetech - 48 Hour Camaro

J.C Cascio - Strange Engineering

Matt Altamore - 1969 Camaro
Other Photos

Car Show

The Heidts Performance Car Challenge team is excited to announce that the 2014 Heidts Performance Car Challenge, taking place at the Autobahn, Joliet, IL on Saturday, May 31st, will include a full-scale car show as an additional element to the event!


In today's enthusiast market, the "Show" is as important as the "Go" and we want to make sure that everyone is represented. If you have a stunning show-piece or if you would like to bring your ride and just spectate, you are welcome and invited to the Heidts Performance Car Challenge! We will judge the following classes:

Street Rod (pre 49) - Any domestic cars built prior to 1949.

Classic Custom (49-63) - Any domestic cars built between 1949 and 1963.

Muscle Car (64-74) - Any domestic cars built between 1964 and 1974.

Street Machine (75-95) - Any domestic cars built between 1975 and 1995.

Late Model (96-11) - Any domestic cars built between 1996 and present.

Classic Truck (pre 74) - Any domestic trucks built prior to 1974.

Muscle Truck (75-95) - Any domestic trucks built between 1975 and 1995.

Late Model truck (96-11) - Any domestic trucks built between 1996 and present.

Under Construction - Any unfinished project vehicle.

Best of Show

Best Paint

Best Interior

Best Engine

Most represented car club

Winner takes home the "Big Trophy"and sponsor prize package

The HPCC Car Show is Saturday and Sunday, with judging both days. The Heidts Performance Car Challenge promises to be one of the biggest events of the summer. You don't want to miss it! Mark your calendar today for Saturday, May 31st!!!!!


Attention car clubs we are presenting the best represented car club with a special trophy we will put everyone in your group in the same area and allow your entire club to run together. During the parade lap we will have film crews on hand and can outfit your lead car with go pro cameras to record the entire lap.

Car Show

Car Show Entry Form

Track Sponsor

Media Sponsors


Platinum Sponsors

Gold / Associate Sponsors